Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Asus R2Hv

Unfortunately for us Brits this seems an elusive product - and has tempted me to purchase from the States (Risking import duty ). It’s a real shame to be honest as it seems it is the ‘new version’ of the Asus R2H device and has better performance, better battery life, and it’s black… doesn’t seem to have any UK retailers listed that sell the device either which is odd - and therefore it does mean that realistically you’ll be paying the full price for the R2H over here knowing full well it’s an inferior product.



thanutz at said...

Hi there,

Ive been in contact with laptopsdriect and they are expecting the r2hv in a few months. I emailed a regarding this and he said he would email me as soon as it comes in.

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant to write within the month