Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

Time to try and study for CCDA as quickly as possible so that when my new books arrive for CCVP I can get on and study. Had a chat with Simon in the office who felt that CCDP was a complete waste of time (This coming from an ex-Cisco employee) so CCNP is still something to seriously look at after doing CCVP! Argh - lots of studying to do.

Other stuff:
- Finally got tickets to Download!!!
- I appear to have become addicted to Facebook
- It’s my birthday soon, and I feel old…
- Off to Brighton, Altrincham, London and Scarborough for work - gah.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Been a jettin'

Howdo folks,

Not many posts as of recent as i’ve been so so busy with customer projects. Managed to get everything installed up in Scotland (300 user phone system) and also off to Nottingham to Demonstrate integration between a DPNSS Siemens/Octel PBX system with a Westell converter and Cisco CallManager. Which was nice…

Other than that hoorah the sun is shining, it’s almost the weekend, and we won at football (15-14, close match!). Oh and there’s talk of a company car soon again which’d be rather nice.
Off to Northampton again tomorrow, then a nice relaxing weekend doing some studying.