Monday, 15 October 2007

Cisco and their amusing marketing

I have to say that Cisco have done some rather marvelous (Though slightly woolly) marketing in terms of the "Human Network". The latest campaign shows how people in the movie industry use mobility to continue working efficiently.

Interestingly enough they use rebranded OQO2's in the video ;) See, I told everyone UMPC's are the way forward!

But that aside, it looks like Cisco will be pushing their Mobile products (for Blackberry at least for the moment) and I can't wait to get this software onto my Microsoft Smartphone. For some reason (When i've asked Cisco about this in the past) they seem to be very quiet on the Microsoft front; but what i'd eventually like to do is run SCCP/SIP software on my smartphone so that when I walk into the office my phone automatically associates with the wireless and I get dual-mode operation. We're already using this on Nokia E60 and E61 phones in the office and it works great :) But at least I can get Personal Communicator functionality on my Smartphone soon enough.

I can't wait!

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