Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The HTC Touch Dual - Can we do away with Wi-Fi?

After I wondered into my local Orange shop t'other day I took quite a fancy to the HTC Touch, even though I didn't get to play with the interface that everyone is raving about. So along with it's good looks, TouchFLO technology, rock solid Windows Mobile software and WiFi it would seem to have it all - right? For a person like me moving away from a E650 with a keyboard it would be a tough pill to swallow so the Touch Dual with it's keypad would at least soften the blow?

But wait! It doesn't have WiFi! Erm, hang on - when have I actually used mine?

There are no doubt people out there who just absolutely can't cope without it, but if Push Email is your primary concern then the addition of 3G will be welcomed (Though tbh, 3G in the UK is just rubbish), and if HTC couldn't fit WiFi into the phone then ok it's a shame, but i'm sure i'll manage without it. It sucks battery life anyway...

And besides, if you've got WiFi, you should be using a UMPC anyway as the screen on a mobile phone is just to small to be useful.

Though if we could get Dual-Mode working with SIP on the Windows Smartphones, i'm sure i'd change my tune...

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