Sunday, 7 October 2007

Proud owner of an Asus R2H!

And yes, in writing this using handwriting!

Initial feeling is the coolness factor but I do have a few immediate gripes - what can I say I’m hard to please! But overall i’m rather stoked. I’ll be using this device in the future as the heart of some of my posts in attempting to use it in my arsenal of enhancing my productivity.

Plus I get to look so chuffing cool in front of customers - yay.

Initial bad stuff though:

Yes it is correct what everyone says, performance is not a strongpoint
With the extended battery on, battery life seems acceptable for my needs, but the device gets quite heavy after a while

I can’t seem to get Blue tooth or GPS working…

One of the buttons doesn’t seem to do owt

OK so a few niggles but largely i ‘m pleased. I got a DVD drive working with on external HD caddy so tomorrow i’ll be putting vista on. I only have 768 mb of RAM so it’ll be a bold move, but id like to try out Ready boost and a few other interesting things!

More to come…

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