Sunday, 21 October 2007


Wow the next few weeks are going to be busy! I'm currently migrating a CallManager 4 platform to 5 (Which sadly involves Arc, Witness and Oak); installing a couple of new site's IPT for another customer (100+ phones, Unity Call Handlers and other stuff), and the rollout of CallManager 6 Business Edition + Mobility + Quescom GSM + IPCC Express + other rubbish for another customer.

I need a holiday!

P.S popped by the local Orange shop and got my hands on the HTC Touch - it's smaller and cuter than you think! I encourage anyone interested in it to go and get a hands on demo. Also I had a go with what looked like the TYTN II, with a hinged keyboard, but it could have been some other HTC device - there's so many I get confused!

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