Thursday, 29 November 2007

Push Email

We currently have a problem with using Push Email at our office because we use SBS Server, in that if we enable firewall port access to the server for OWA you can also access the server's Sharepoint system - gah.

I'd find Push Email really useful (and i'm sure other colleagues would too) but our security comes first.

I just happened to be browsing around and noticed a little link at the top of the page. Lo and behold I ended up with a program called Emoze which is a nice Push Email program that can either be run using OWA (If it's available) or your desktop PC. Essentially then, a client program sits on your desktop PC and integrates into IMAP on your PC to monitor your inbox and push changes out. The problem with this method is as soon as you shut your PC down, you lose the functionality as the desktop client connection gets severed.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account, enter your phone number and install the client on your Windows Mobile device and wahey - it works straight away! I like it nice and easy :) In fact, emails ended up in my mobile inbox faster than appearing in my Outlook box on the desktop!

[Devil's Advocate]

  • I am a little unsure of how configurable the software is in terms of how large emails can be that get sent across the GPRS connection. However I confirmed that Emoze does remove attachments from emails automatically and you can click on the attachment in the email on your mobile device to download it next sync.
  • That doesn't really matter because i'm likely to uninstall the program very soon. I work with a laptop at work and as soon as I turn it off to go home i'd lose the push email function anyway. What's the point unless if you have a desktop somewhere logged on as you in the background? Still i'm sure some people will find this invaluable!

[/Devil's Advocate]

Overall a great product!

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