Thursday, 6 December 2007

Just a quick catchup...

As usual i've been busy with a flurry of jobs so i've not been able to do half the things I wanted to do in the time that I have - including the blogg0r. Several things come to mind though:

  • The IronKey: looks like the absolute dogs' plums in terms of security - I wonder how long it is before someone gives cracking it a go? :)
  • I had a new Golf Match turn up - woohoo! Overall a very very nice car, though I still can't figure out how to adjust the mirrors...
  • I joined the IET! I'm considering doing a CEng and if I get round to it i'll post up my experiences of this.
  • I went to see a customer yesterday who had a water mains pipe installed above the main PDU of the server room. Some people...
  • I think i'm addicted to innocent smoothies.

Mike Out.

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