Monday, 17 December 2007

The future of Windows Mobile

An interesting article over at got me thinking. Unfortunately I think the problem is that new versions of Windows Mobile don't come with enough new features, and don't offer me enough new, useful features as an IT professional. Who cares about the general consumer? As long as companies such as HTC refuse to concentrate on features such as cameras (with flash?!) then there's no point MS bothering on about consumer grade devices.

Comparing my SPV M600 to my new HTC Touch it's clear that the majority of improvements are with the HTC interface. In fact been as I used to have Remote Desktop support and now don't, it's easy to see why people get a bit miffed with MS. And MSN Messenger on my phone - why must it add all my MSN contacts into my Outlook contacts list? That's just crap.

Ok there are plenty of reasons under the hood no doubt that contribute as improvements over previous versions of Windows Mobile but I can think of loads of easily implementable features that could be added to the system that would make it better. I want to see a colleagues' calendar for instance. And i'd also like to tightly control my phone status (silent, aeroplane mode etc) based on more customised calendar settings rather than just the generic appointment options.

Microsoft are doing a great job - but could do better...

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