Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Grr - Arc Connect migration problem

I had some fun and games with Arc today which wasn't pleasant. The problem was the following:

Existing server needs to be replaced with a new platform, migrating over the same version (4.1.3) to a different server. The method I followed is below:
  • Stop all services on old server and stop SQL Server
  • Copy ConfigDB to a repository somewhere
  • On new server, create a new ConfigDB in Arc
  • Stop all services on old server and stop SQL Server
  • Overwrite the ConfigDB file on the new server with the file from the repository
  • Start everything up

Now usually all would be well, and have used this method many times. The difference in the past is that I would take say, a 4.1.0 database and then use the DBUpgrade.exe to upgrade the database to 4.1.3 which i'm guessing makes changes to the servername of the database.

My guess here is that because the old server was called something else and I didn't make any modifications to the database, it refused to work (Database would report as not found in Arc, and "Suspect" in Enterprise Manager). I attempted to change the servername but completely forgot that the server name alteration wipes out all the licenses. Bugger.

Need to work on this tomorrow, and will post the solution!

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