Monday, 5 November 2007

Just a quick catch up...

Unfortunately I haven't had time for many things over the past week. But with install number 2 out of 3 gone live this morning - and all working well; i'm in good spirits!

So just as a quick catchup post i'll mention a few things:

  • Thanks to Stef for offering me a trial version of NetMotion software. Basically it's a very similar product to the Windows Mobile Device Manager software I discussed in my previous post. However hopefully it'll prove to be a well established bit of software - that more importantly is available now and supports my phone. I haven't even managed to download it yet though lol - will grab it soon and report back.
  • The latest install had an interesting problem which personally i'd not seen before - but i'm sure a few people have! We moved the E1 connection from an old PBX to the new gateway but found that no calls would go out - giving us a PSTN message like "Number not recognised". We tried alot of different things such as changing the Type and Plan fields of the ISDN messages, made sure of the formatting of the numbers correctly, and one or two other misguided fudges. As it turns out, the customer had no idea they used carrier pre-select, which meant we had to prefix a number such as 1200 onto the front of the number before it got sent to the PSTN. We happened upon this luckily because someone happened to know a thing or two about how to get on the old PBX, and the 1200 number appeared quite a few times...
  • A nice discovery on a previous installation was that you could do a Call Forward All to literally XXXX. I'll talk about this in my next post.

So last installation to sort out! It's nice and complex which should be fun, and involves CallManager 6.0 Business Edition, a QSIG to DPNSS trunk, a Quescom GSM Gateway, and IPCC Express. Hooray!

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