Tuesday, 13 November 2007

HTC Touch on it's way!

Hooray for Ebay, my HTC Touch is on it's way, and a steal at £170 for a seemingly brand new device. I was having a read at the specs and what not and I can't say i'm super happy with it when there are upcoming devices round the corner that always seem better! (HTC Polaris anyone?)

Major problems I have are:

  • I ran out of memory too easily on my E650, and to my dismay the Touch has little memory too...
  • No GPS - wah! I'll still have to stick with my external Holox thingy
  • No 3G - not that it's any good in the UK anyway?

But on the plus of course:

  • Small, thin, light and dare I say it...sexy?
  • Gimmicky TouchFLO tech - though i'm a sucker for gimmicks...
  • 1GB card included
  • I get to play with the "full fat" Windows Mobile software

More to come when (hopefully) it turns up tomorrow!

CVoice is hard going boys and girls. It's like the CCNA of Voice: many many general areas to be aware of unlike the more specific CallManager/IPT exam or QoS. I still think I made the right decision of taking the exam first though. Anyone else looking at taking CCVP - pop me a comment!

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