Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mobile Device Manager goodness!

Usually i'd ignore Microsoft's emails that pop into my inbox but the latest one was a gem. They are introducing the new Microsoft System Centre Mobile Device Centre, which allows for excellent corporate control over Windows Mobile Devices which include remote wipe, remote restrictions of device capabilities (such as disabling Wifi, BlueTooth or the camera on the device), and it's all controlled through Active Directory policies.

What I found most interesting about the software was the new "mobile optimized" IPsec VPN connectivity that allows the device to connect to the HQ and allow the user to have access to "behind the firewall" services and applications. It's certainly no easy task at the moment to start using push email on these devices without accidentally putting a big hole in your security! For instance on our site, an engineer enabled access to our Outlook Web Access but also at the same time managed to allow unsecured access to Sharepoint because it was a Microsoft Small Business Server. This engineer was subsequently bundled into the trunk of a car and has not been seen since...

So the System Centre Mobile Device Manager provides a nice way of providing access to email through a secure VPN tunnel, and uses the following extra nice features:

  • Authentication
  • Session Persistence
  • Fast Reconnect
  • Internetwork roaming
  • Standards based MobIKE, IKEv2 and IPSEC tunnel mode

This software is out mid 2008 apparently, but at the moment only three devices are supported at the moment. I got all excited when I first saw this, but then realised the software isn't out yet, and my lowly Orange E650v isn't supported yet anyway...

  • TYTN II (Tilt)
  • Samsung i600
  • Palm Treo 750

Go here for the Microsoft site, and watch the Webcast!


Stef said...

Hello Jed

Good post. You may want to check out

NetMotion Mobility has been running on Smartphones for over a year now, and has the benefit of a single infrastructure that works for PDAs and big Windows also (XP and Vista)

It is software only, runs on a Windows server, and has the added benefit of hiding coverage gaps from both the end user and the application (something a legacy VPN would find tough to do). For GPRS usage, people are finding that applications that previously did not run in poor coverage areas now perform for them.

If you are interested in getting hold of a no-cost eval copy, drop me a line

Stef said...

Argh - link was chopped off

Here it is as tinyurl:

It is about Microsoft certification for NetMotion Mobility XE on WM6 ......

Name: Michael Gerrard said...

Cheers Stef!