Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Dual Mode Phones take their first big leap

Woohoo cheers Cisco!

On the front page of their site they have a news post with a little gem in it. We're finally going to see the first SCCP load for a non-Nokia phone (For the record, the E60, E61 and E65 are utter crap - don't buy one!).

The featured device is a HP iPAQ 600 series phone based on Microsoft Mobile. Hopefully this will pave the way towards more and more Microsoft based devices running in harmony with Cisco CallManager:

I definitely can't wait! Imagine a device that is the pinnacle of mobility and productivity in the future. The following features would be nice!
  • Dual Mode (Wireless and GSM)

  • Push Email

  • GPS

  • Touch functionaity

  • MP3 player (DVB based TV onboard would be cool too!)

  • Camera with flash

Nice one Cisco!

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