Saturday, 19 January 2008


I've spent the last few days pondering several things, such as the UMPC form factor, ink blogging, and the price of devices in the marketplace. Hmmm...

The first thing to say is there are some fantastic ink blogs out there, from the likes of Sumocat and various others - but while i'd like to give it a go it does present various problems:
  • Without a decent UI (Such as the windows live ink interface) for (Or your blog weapon of choice) inkblogging is really really painful. If i'm on my UMPC then i'd have to write the blog in OneNote or Journal and then do either a printscreen or some kind of export - and then upload it as a JPEG to the blog site. I wrote two inkblogs last night and just couldn't be bothered to follow it through. Kudos to the other bloggers out there that do all their work in ink.
  • If it's all in ink, how do Search engines spider the pages??
  • Certain blogs out there that use Ink just don't display things correctly.
  • I like URL's in my text, but I would guess doing this in ink would prove to be difficult.

...which is a real shame!

One other trouble with what I attempted to do last night was the whole concept of printscreening on the UMPC, and further more, using the UMPC for various things that I know will be a chore.

Printscreening my InkBlog just proved to be impossible on the UMPC because the screen is too claustrophobic, and i'm finding this for quite a few things lately - even OneNote could do with the extra screen real-estate.

So is moving to the Asus R50A a good idea? I don't think so! Judging by what i've seen, even the OQO2 sized devices that everyone seems to love aren't going to cut the mustard. The only device that really fits the bill, is the new Fujitsu (P1620) unit or maybe even the older P1610.

I guess i'm still dreaming of the ultimate UMPC:

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Sumocat said...

Hi Michael,
Looks like you posted this after our little exchange a while back, which makes me feel as if I didn't share enough then. You have accurately cited all the difficulties involved with an ink blog. However, I like to think I established a good example on how to overcome points 2-4 by including text, designing an ink-centric layout, and devising a solution for Links in Ink. Obviously, the lack of an all-inclusive ink blog solution overshadows these points, but still, I hope the fact that points 2-4 can be addressed means you won't dismiss ink blogging as an option entirely.
-- Sumocat