Sunday, 13 January 2008

CES Highlight - The Asus R50A

The Asus R50A sure is a pretty little beast and was by far the most interesting device to crop up from CES this year. There were alot of MID devices to be shown off but i'm not convinced that an MID device is going to be a big hit with consumers - I don't think they're useful enough to warrant their cost. I know that personally, a "lifestyle" device means I need to do more than just play music and browse the Internet!

But anyway, Gottabemobile's Asus R50A video drew a crowd round my PC when I played it at work! It has the potential to get me to sell off my R2H as long as the price is right. The screen size will be a bit smaller but i'm hoping that better battery life and lower weight will be a big bonus.

Big problem though - it doesn't have a stand! And they only cost pence to make!

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