Wednesday, 4 February 2009

CUPS 7 and VMWare

Aye up,

After a period that felt like pulling teeth, I finally got CUPS 7 to install on VMWare. I got all sorts of crashes and mount problems with even doing an upgrade using ESXi that I decided to use Windows based VMWare. Thankfully it installed, and as a matter of course i used IDE drive mode instead of SCSI. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had similar problems. The version I was trying to install was

Oh and by the way, I certainly got stuck by this for not RTFM, but just so you know you MUST have CUPS 7, with CUCM 7, otherwise the Sync Agent won't work and you won't get AXL users jumping across the pipe to CUPS.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering how did you manage to install this. I am trying to install the same exact version, but do not get booted from the iso image. The image I have is ucsinstall_ucos_7.0.2.10000-36.sgn.iso and wondering if this is really a bootable image. If this is noot a bootable image can I make this as bootable and install?

Thanks for the post.


Anonymous said...

For some reason i'm not getting updates about posts on here. A bit odd!

No it wasn't a bootable image (I dont think any are on the Cisco website). I had to install from our NFR (not for resale pack).

jayz2083 said...

Hii Michael...
I saw you are the arc expertise..
Could you please to let me know how to synch the database with active directory

Name: Michael Gerrard said...

Please see your email Jayz!