Sunday, 27 July 2008

First impressions of the new HTC Diamond

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have yet again upgraded early due to my irrational attraction to shiny things.

I'll try to keep this brief as I have a steak under the grill (And you can find stuff like this all over the web):
  • This device is sexy! In fact it's the first HTC device that I really think will attract the consumer rather than the businessman. It's feature-packed, easy to use, has a much better camera (though still no flash), and it doesn't cost iPhone prices...
  • The built in GPS is somewhat fiddly to get going with TomTom but is a great addition
  • The device attracts scratches - you'll find it difficult to sell this on Ebay "scratch free" after you've owned it for a while. Bear that in mind!
  • The battery life is terrible (I think i've got a phone from a bad batch) and has lasted as little as a day with light useage. Some are suggesting that this is down to the ROM being used and it may be updated soon if enough people complain about it.
  • Internet Connection Sharing works brilliantly with Vista, and allowed me to get up to great speeds on my laptop using the phone as a modem.

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