Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The tale of the mysterious DN numbers...

Today i’m having to deal with a bizzarre problem for a customer. They want Outlook Dialling using TAPI. Dead easy!
Or not.

This person who wants Outlook Dialling is finding that 37 CtiParkDevices are appearing in their list of Cisco Lines to Dial from, with DN numbers that don’t exist in CallManager (and never have done!). The icing on the cake is that the SEP line that they’re looking for to do the dialling is not in the list.
If I run Phone.exe (from
www.julmar.com/samples) the SEP line appears in the list and therefore demonstrates that: 1) TAPI is installed correctly, 2) All passwords and whatnot are configured correctly, and 3) The customer is not going mad.

WTF. If I fix it i’ll stick it up here.

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JWiedenfeld said...

Lo these six years ago. In any event: what was the solve with this? Again, I understand the intervening six years.

I am getting the same exact presentation.